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Used Medical Parts
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Alaka Medical Systems » R/F Rooms » Siemens SIREGRAPH D3

R/F Rooms: Siemens SIREGRAPH D3

Item: Siemens SIREGRAPH D3
MFG Date: 1990
ID #:
Price: SOLD

  Siemens SIREGRAPH D3
1990 Siemens Siregraph D3 Remote Control R/F Room:

Polydoros 80S High-Frequency Generator, rated at 1000 MA X 150 KVP.
Siregraph D3 90/30 Remote R/F Table with built-in Spot-Film Device accepting all sizes of cassettes.
Linear Tomographic capability. Year 2005 Opti 150-40-80 Overhead Tube with Auto Collimator.
13 Inch Image intensifier, model Sirecon 33HD .
Videomed N TV system.
Sirecam 106 spot film camera.
Still installed, complete, and in excellent conditions.

  Siemens SIREGRAPH D3
  Siemens SIREGRAPH D3
  Siemens SIREGRAPH D3
  Siemens SIREGRAPH D3

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