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Used Medical Parts
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Alaka Medical Systems » Bone Density » Prodigy Advance

Bone Density: Prodigy Advance

Item: Prodigy Advance
MFG Date: 2005
ID #:
Price: SOLD

  Prodigy Advance
2005 GE Lunar Prodigy Advance Bone Densitometer:
Installed in 2006. Used on just a few hundred patients.

eNCORE Software version 9.30.044.
eNCORE Multimedia Software.
8 foot table for Total Body scans.
Scanning Sites: Femur, AP Spine,Lateral Spine, LVA Lateral Vertibral Assessment,Forearm, Total Body, Juvenile Assessment.
UPS. Iomega 80 GiGS USB Drive. HP 2300 Printer. Computer cart.
Computer: 512 MB, CD-RW, Windows XP. 15" LCD Flat-Screen Planar Monitor,
Computer, Keyboard, Mouse.
Backup software, positioning devices, phantoms.
In excellent working and cosmetic conditions.
Available NOW.

  Prodigy Advance
  Prodigy Advance
  Prodigy Advance

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