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Used Medical Parts
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Used Lithotriptors carried by Alaka Medical

Based in New York City, USA, Alaka Medical is one of the main domestic distributors and exporters of used medical equipment and pre owned medical equipment, specializing in diagnostic equipment and radiology equipment, including used Lithotripters (lithotriptors).

We sell the following models of Lithotriptors:

Dornier Doli 50 Lithotriptor
This is a large and powerful Lithotripter requiring installation in a fixed site.

Dornier Doli S
This model is a variation on the Doli 50. It is also a large and powerful system requiring installation in a fixed site.

Dornier Compact S
This is a small Lithotripter. It is composed of a patient's table, C Arm attached to a cabinet, and another cabinet. In many instances an Accoustic Imaging ultrasound system is included. The advantage of this compact system and of the Delta model is that all of these components are on wheels making this Lithotripter very mobile. No installation is required.

Dornier Compact Delta
This model has all the advantages of the Compact S, however it is a more advanced Lithotripter, and many improvements have been implemented to the shock wave generator and to the x ray system. The Compact Delta is very popular among mobile Lithotripsy fleets, as it is very easy to roll on and off a van.

Storz Mudulith SLK
This is a compact model, requires no fixed site installation, and all the components are on wheels.

Storz Modulith SLX
This is a compact model, requires no fixed site installation, and all the components are on wheels. This is a top-of-the line Lithotripsy system with a great track record

Just like with any other used medical equipment, diagnostic equipment, and radiology equipment we sell, every used Lithotripter is first inspected carefully at the clinic where the Lithotripsy equipment is being used, to insure its working, electronic, and cosmetic conditions. Every used Lithotripter is then professionally removed from the facility by a team of qualified technicians, who pack it carefully for transport to our warehouse. For international deliveries, we create the used lithotriptors in custom-made wood crates for optimal protection during transport.


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